Organisation Profile:

Ortelio Ltd is a research focused company, working on cloud robotics. We are developing applications that give robots intelligence to take over human tasks.

Innovation seek: To apply the HORSE framework in the above context, we seek specific use cases / industrial contexts and partners for which we will develop specific targeted solutions. Cloud enabled robotic fleet planning and coordination (also with human workers) is a first obvious application, with real-time or near real-time analysis of sensorial information. Industrial robotic systems could have their tasks effectively and efficiently reconfigured in the cloud as and when the task context changes (i.e. when new objects or people enter the environment). Possible obstacles, machinery or humans can be detected and recognised as such by the use of cloud data processing. Real-time maps can be generated, and new paths and planning can be performed. To avoid cloud latency, edge-computing can easily be used to have the cloud physical infrastructure near the robots / sensors. Furthermore, cloud robotics also enables cooperation of robots not only at the single plant level, but also at multi-site level by utilising data mining and learning (at local, regional and cross-border levels).
Innovation offer: Our Noos cloud platform ( provides centralised intelligence to robots that are connected to it. Noos is a highly scalable service, which greatly reduces robotic development and deployment costs. With cloud robotics: - Costs are significantly lowered. - Existing on-board robot resources are freed to be used in other tasks. - Storage capacity is increased. - Power consumption on the robot is decreased. - Fast development of robotic software and deployment of robotic systems is possible. - Cloud based intelligence is enabled, and robots can collaborate and learn from each other. We see a great synergetic potential of the HORSE framework with the Noos platform. We can offer the Noos services as HORSE modules, and of course we can develop additional services based on the HORSE framework.