Organisation Profile:

NearSoft is a Bulgarian software company specialized in integrated software solutions for Advanced Manufacturing and Industry operation management. The company has developed an advanced suite of products for automation of manufacturing operations management (MOM), based on the integrated software platform MOM4. The products of the company are conformed to the main international industry standards, such as IEC/ISO 62264 (ANSI/ISA 95), B2MML, OPC and others. This way, by optimizing real-time collaborative data processing in industrial and manufacturing companies, MOM4 platforms provide efficient flow of operational information between the shop-floor operations and company management. Thus, MOM4 enhances business management to make significant cost reductions, by optimizing the processes of designing, building, deploying and maintaining standardized applications for manufacturing and infrastructure operations. By that, MOM4 empowers all users, from shop floor operators to executive management, to make decisions based on real-time data throughout the plant and across the enterprise. MOM4 is an Manufacturing Operation Management platform build as an Enterprise Content Management System (eCMS) and providing functionality for Operation Management (MOM), such as Planning and Scheduling (APS, MRP), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Tracking and Data Collection, Reporting and KPI, Maintenance (EAM, CMMS) and Quality analyses (QMS). Further, the company has launched a unified maintenance management system – CMMS and solutions, enabling efficient enterprise asset management (EAM). Lately in order to optimize its product development, the company developed an integrated MOM4SOFT, adapting MOM4 platform for software development.
Among the main modules of the MOM4 integrated platform are:
• Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS)
• Master Production (finite capacity) Scheduling (MPS)
• Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
• Quality Management Systems (QMS, LIMS )
• Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS, EAM )

NearSoft works intensively to facilitate digitalization of business processes in industry, enabling Industry 4.0 implementation. Therefore, the company provide different services to its clients, including consultations and trainings. In overall, the company has 7 platform installations in different sectors: metal processing such as steel plants and mini-mills, pharmaceuticals, cement production, minerals, glass production, automotive parts production. Additionally the company has more than 42 successful projects with partner companies.

Innovation seek: Integration with Industrial Internet of Things and bi-directional communication with robots
Innovation offer: We could provide services and software for Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS). 1. Services for building integrated, process-oriented management model for control of the production line and automatic resource allocation/dynamic reallocation based on Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) and ISO 62264. 2. Software to support Manufacturing Operations Management - MOM4