The Project

Dedicated to advanced manufacturing robotic systems.

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Technical Framework

Demanding and challenging integration of ICT and Robotics.

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HORSE ecosystem

Establish and support regional multipliers of HORSE technologies.

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HORSE Factories

3 Pilot Experiments in existing factories in 3 countries.

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Digital Innovation Hubs

Raise awareness. Demonstrate Framework technologies.

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HORSE Prototype System

Spread the Technical Framework.

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20 Feb

New paper published by TUM

TUM published a paper in the special issue of the IEEE robot and automation... Read more

18 Dec

Meeting with regional stakeholders in Celje, Slovenia

HORSE partners presented the project and the framework with regional strategic... Read more


13 Feb

FZI Open House 2020

The HORSE demonstrator at the Competence Centre of FZI (Karlsruhe, Germany)... Read more

23 Sep

KM FEST, in Celje Slovenia

This KM FEST - International Knowledge Management Festival is also the first... Read more



'Think of a metal factory worker manipulating and finishing a heavy sand cast part full of sharp edges with a pair of gloves, a hammer and a heavy grinder as only tools - and imagine how a dynamically available robotic handling arm can improve this situation.'

'Think of a car factory where human workers and robots are strictly separated - and imagine how safe collaboration of both can make production much more efficient.'

'Think of a robotic production line where a sudden robot failure brings things to a grinding halt - and imagine how safe human take-over of its task can bring things up-to-speed swiftly.'