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Flex Hex is a Danish Company who produces and markets the Hexapod system as a mean to enable fast and cost-effective changeover in production. The system integrates the transformation to industry 4.0, especially in the purpose of smart factory principles where each production cell needs to be flexible and self-learning.
Increasing competition and pricing pressures in the manufacturing industry has intensified the demand for higher productivity and shorter time-to-market strategies. Combination with increasing model variety and shorter life cycle time requires more flexible production plants.
By adding fixture change-on-the-fly geometry and positioning, a changeover time reduction of 25-50% to new productions, a reduce storage capacity by 70% of dedicated fixture and added safety in the production process, can be obtained.
a typical ROI will be around 1,5-2 years depending of the amount of dedicated fixtures, the number of changeovers and operating hours.

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Innovation seek: The concept is already working for some specific application and we would like to make further proof of concept and business in different kinds of industries (manufacturing, automotive, railway, aviation...) and segments (assembly, welding, drilling, slibning...)
Innovation offer: Since Hexapod is a passive reconfigurable fixture, it requires no motors, no cables and no wires. This is possible due to a hydraulic system with a pressure intensifier, controlled by a single pneumatic valve which release or activate effectively the hydraulic clamping system around the legs of the Hexapod, securing an accurate positioning. The Hexapod system from Flex Hex can be utilised in any industries where fixed fixtures are used in production. If you want to improve the production quality, save time expenditure on changeover reconfiguration and calibration between production batches, improve working environment and keep costs down, then this is the cheep but accurate solution for your process. The Hexapod system is fully integrated with other robot activities in production lines. The merging of these two technologies lead to an economical feasible, flexible and high quality fixture that ensure high stiffness and accuracy in fixating work-pieces. Due to a patented joint system, the Hexapod after positioning keeps a very accurate position and no notifiable deformation are noticed compared to dedicated fixture even in extreme position. Our offer: The Hexapod can be designed according to your process, for small payloads (10 kg) and up to high payloads (1500 kg), with or without positioning feedback, with or without protection depending of the environment (clean, harsh). It can easily be integrated in your concept by using 3D file with position geometry giving a quick answer if the system fits to the criteria of positions needed for the fixtures compare to the work pieces or the allowed working space.