This section describes the process aspect of the HORSE logical architecture, i.e., the structure of manufacturing processes supported by the HORSE system.

The Figure below presents a simplified example end-to-end enterprise process for delivering a custom-designed product.

At level 1, we have the top level that shows the sequencing of the main enterprise activities (which may be related to a value chain model like Porter’s [Port85]). Note that we have incorporated two options: (1) a product specification is designed from scratch; (2) a product specification is retrieved from a catalog (and possibly modified).

At level 2, we see the subprocesses, which are refinements of the steps at level 1. The manufacturing process is the core scope of HORSE.

The manufacturing process contains a step to (re)design the manufacturing process, a step to co


Figure 1: Example enterprise process for custom-designed production

[Port85] M. Porter; Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance; Free Press, 1985.