Are you eager to test and consider the HORSE prototype system for your research and demonstration projects? Are you interested to test a new manufacturing case study with robotics and do not know where to start? Are you looking for adopting industry 4.0 but everything in the market is very expensive?

HORSE prototype system will offer you the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technologies and already validated system in real manufacturing cases!

There are three ways to deploy HORSE for your own applications.

Deploy HORSE at your server

Tthe following services are inlcuded:

  • Installation and configuration of Messaging Middleware;
  • Installation and configuration of HORSE-ROS bridge;
  • Installation and configuration of MPMS (HORSE Design Global and Global Execution modules);
  • Installation and configuration of Situation Awareness;
  • Installation and configuration of Hybrid Task Supervisor (FlexBE);
  • Installation, configuration and licensing of MsgMW BOS Adapter;
  • Installation and configuration of Local Safety Guard (GPU Voxels)

Deploy HORSE at our server

The same services are inlcuded like before, but we also provide hosting infrastructure.

HORSE components to download

The following provides links for the HORSE technological components that are available for download.

Further details can be requested by the following contacts.

HORSE technology

Partner Full Name

Short Name

Contact Name


Download License Info


Technical University of Eindhoven


Irene Vanderfeesten

Kostas Traganos


Situation Awareness

Commissariat a l'Energie

Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives


Selma Kchir

Access rights shall be granted after written request (with a separate license agreement) on a non-exclusive basis, without the right to sublicense, and in case of software, in object code. The request for access right may be made during the project or up to twelve months after the end of the project. The request will specify the intended purpose (implementation of the action necessary for exploitation of its own result) and a demonstration of the rights is needed.

Access rights shall be granted against financial compensation if needed for the exploitation of a party's own results in case of direct or indirect industrial or commercial exploitation.

Hybrid Task Supervisor (FlexBE)

Local Safety Guard (GPU Voxels)

HORSE-ROS bridge

Forschungszentrum Informatik


Christian Juelg

Gabriele Bolano

Arne Roennau

FlexBE app
FlexBE Behavior Engine
Local Safety Guard (GPU-Voxels Library)
BSD license (Open source)
BSD license (Open source)

In part BSD and in part CDDL licenses (both Open source), further details here:

BSD license (Open source)

Sunrise integration

Kuka Automatisme Robotique


Jean Luc Imhof


Augmented Reality for Assembly

Netherlands Organisation

for Applied Scientific Research


Jasper Winters

Gu van Rhijn

Tim Bosch


Augmented Reality for Quality Inspection

Integration with KUKA sunrise

Technical University



Arne Peters

Augmented Reality for Quality Inspection

iiwa_stack (integration of KUKA Sunrise with ROS)


OSGi Middleware



Venelin Arnaudov

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We will be happy to provide a commercial offer on request.


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