Experiment name: ARCO

Manufacturing end-user: Tintas Robbialac SA

The Business Sector

The company Tintas Robbialac SA belongs to the group Cromology one of the world leaders in the business sector of "Paints."

Founded in 1931, Tintas Robbialac, SA develops its activity in four main business areas: Decorative Paints, Thermal Insulation, Protection and Maintenance and Automotive Refinement.

It currently operates a factory and warehouse in Lisbon and a vast distribution network with more than 1500 sales outlets, including an integrated network of 60 own stores and around 100 exclusive resellers.

The Robbialac brand enjoys excellent reputation and premium positioning, offering a wide range of exterior and interior painting solutions, with the guarantee of high quality. As a color specialist, Robbialac also offers a set of tools, including a 100% color-dedicated site. ARCO_main

The Challenge

While the paint production process is automatic in most of the finishing and package/storage phases, the dispersion phase is based in different manual operations. Currently, the operator follows a given list of raw materials (RM) with precise quantities for each batch. The operator goes with a cart (left picture on the Figure) to the different warehouse sections (middle pictures on the Figure) to pick-up the material in the right quantities for later insertion in the mixing tanks (right picture on the Figure).


Challenge: use of an autonomous robot co-worker able to carry the materials, measure the required exact quantity, moving efficiently through the warehouse and executing the process in the right sequence.

The solution:

New operational scenario with the robot:

  • robot receives an order with the required quantities of RMs; the operator follows the robot;
  • robot moves to the various points where the RMs are stored and indicates in a display the quantities that must be collected;
  • some RMs will be loaded automatically in the robot tray while some others will be loaded by the operator and then confirmed on the robot’s touch screen;
  • the robot will then move to the mixing tank where it will indicate the right sequence and quantities for the introduction of the RMs into the mixing tank (by the operator);
  • in the future, with the introduction of additional automation and robotics, the whole operation may be carried out by the robot.
The final demo of the ARCO project was held on July5,2019, in the paint factory of our end-user partner Robbialac, located in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. 
The final demo consisted in the preparation of a real order whose production was planned for that specific day. For the robot the order was defined by eighteen waypoints: nine of them to load the raw materials from the warehouse on the ARCO robot, and the remaining to unload the materials close to the mixing tank. The order was successfully completed in approximately three hours and the ARCO robot navigated around 580 meters.



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